Zogaridan is a well respected commenter on the Explosm website, and an administrator of the unofficial Cyanide and Happiness Discord Server. He is one of the more reserved commenters, averaging around a single comment every few days, and is among the more senior members of the comment section, with his first comment dating back to April of 2016.

On April 19, 2017, Zogaridan delivered a speech regarding the decaying status of the comment section. This was partially due to the massive influx of new fans, many of which were failing to post high quality content, instead resorting to "borderline spam".

At the time, Zogaridan had only recently received his own badge, which were much more exclusive than they were now, and expressed his appreciation. However, he acknowledged that there were many other deserving commenters which have not been given the privilege, despite their contributions to the community, while other members, many of which were consistently posting low-quality content, were acknowledged and rewarded. Ultimately, the issue was not badges, which were superficial, but rather how the community decided to treat the users who created the very foundation that the community stood on.


  • He often says "I commend your comment, good sir" to any comments of which he approves.
  • He may or may not also be Stain, commenter and founder of the Discord community.