PinoBatch is an occasionally active, well-liked commenter. He's responsible for a comment history search engine.

When Meme Genius Wannabe announced a short-lived fan comic based on C&H in comments to #4364, Pino began to nail down details of his character so that portrayals could remain on-model:

Until April 2017, every new Twitter account's avatar was an egg.[1] I only hatched halfway,[1] with my head and arms popping out. Here's a front view, and here's how I walk. The button in the middle of my face extends into a peg a few inches long for hanging things that I'm carrying. I can push it out by tensing my facial muscles, or it'll pop out on its own if I sneeze (and I tend to sneeze if I try to lie to someone), until I push it back in with my finger. In other words, I'm roughly a cross between Pinocchio and the Weebles, though less nightmare-inducing than the video for "Prison Sex" by Tool.[2]
Points of role-playing: I have called Pinocchio "my prototype". (#4485)
As for personality: Others in the comment section have expressed that my comments are by far "the most intelligent".[3] When others are "shitposting", often only to increase a comic's comment count, I hold my tongue. Sometimes I'll overanalyze the physical laws and cultural norms implied by a comic, but from my point of view, exploring the worldbuilding only helps us understand the motivations of the characters.
As for how to play me for laughs or drama: I might give a serious response to a sarcastic remark, or I might miss a pop culture allusion. (This doesn't make my nose pop out.)

Some further details were explored in Cireclinlin #gamedev, resulting in a slight retcon of the "hatching" thing.

Other users with a similar gimmick of intelligently exploring the ramifications of the situation include Astrophysicist (at least his early comments).



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