Noodle is an active commenter who role-plays as Noodle, the lead guitarist of the cartoon band Gorillaz. Her badge reads 'Real AF' and was assigned after attempts at impersonation by shitposters NoodIe and Nood|e. This April Fool's Day, she claimed that her account had been taken over by "Cyborg Noodle" a robotic version of her character. However, her account has since returned to normal ownership.

In response to several ineffective attempts at role-play by other users, she wrote "How to Leave Comments as a Character! A Roleplay Guide with Noodle" in a comment to #4456.


Noodle has left 3191 comments over 269 comics, and has received 743 favorites, meaning she gets about 1 favorite per 4 comments.


In Skype and Discord, Noodle is known to use "Omicron" after a message not to be taken seriously. Like the "kappa" that represents sarcasm and jokes on Twitch, omicron is a Greek letter.