lunarLegion is a semi-active commenter and 'Grammar Nazi'. He can often be found calling out Donald Trump with his many insults, many of which he takes from the Detrumpify extension on Google Chrome. Others appear to be pulled out of thin air.

Besides insulting Donald Trump, lunarLegion is also known for being a 'Grammar Nazi', and has edited his PFP to reflect this. The original image taken from Comic #4026 features a man with the words, "shut the fuck up" written on his forehead; lunarLegion has changed the words on the forehead to read, "GRAMMAR MOTHERFUCKER". He says this as a catchphrase when correcting other commenters' grammatical errors. In addition, a purple badge (to match the coloring of his written badge) can be seen pinned to his chest, as if to signify a badge of authority.


It is interesting to note that lunarLegion used to not have the 'longest badge name ever'. Rob D has a badge that reads 'doesn't know how to use badges', which was 7 characters longer, however the has since been changed and is now the longest badge.