Cireclinlin is the "official unofficial"[1] Discord server for Cyanide & Happiness fans. Unlike the official "Ultra Mega Pals" server for Patreon subscribers that Explosm announced in May 2018,[2][3] Cireclinlin is run by fans and open to anyone who wishes to join.

The server was founded by Stain and Zogaridan. Current staff are

  • Admins: PinoBatch and queenofpain
  • Moderators: ASCII M4N, Stain, Sad Stickman, Zogaridan, Burgundy Settee #3

Stain has explained the server's name as based on the construction of the figures in the comic: a circle for a head, a rectangle for a body, and lines for limbs.


  1. Two Explosm employees visit occasionally.
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