Badges are short phrases or words attached to the end of a few user's usernames, and are highlighted in different colours depending on the circumstance. They were formerly managed by Derek Miller (The Derek), an Explosm employee. They are now currently under the jurisdiction of Brett (BrettExplosm).


There may be meaning to the colours of badges, and as such many users have pointed out the significance of a 'red badge', especially after Judgmental Dick received one. A few users have tried to peg the meanings of different colours, but no conclusive research has been done. Red once seemed to signify shitposters, or people Derek doesn't like, as in the cases of Judgmental Dick and RIPa858, but as of late fairly decent and well-known commenters have been receiving them and the case appears to be that colours are given randomly. Available colours are:

  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black

Only one black badge is in existence, in ownership of 'Shawnexplosm'. He is also the only user with two badges.

Users with badges

This is a list of every badge and its corresponding user, colour and explanation of the badge, done by The Man Himself. As The Man Himself does not know a lot about some users, an asterisk (*) will be affixed to reasons where he is taking a guess or speculating.

User Badge Colour Explanation
Cteklite mr. bigstuff Light Blue Probably because he was a very active commenter at the time, and getting to be quite renowned.*
PurpleShirtedAssRapist has no nose Light Blue *
The Man Himself wiggly dick Light Blue After Kris posted a late comment to comic #4594, TMH responded jokingly with 'Suck my wiggly dick' and a badge was promptly appointed.
DEATHWING embarrasses himself Light Blue *
Fox Holmes sloppy joe douglas Light Blue *
Zogaridan kneel before zog Purple *
Astrophysicist virgo sacrificio Green *
MadHat i like your hat Green Implying that Derek likes MadHat's hat.
Explosm not explosm Red Shows officially that this account is not an official Explosm account.
eyesoverthecity doesn't eat poop Green Possibly to contrast a former badge of Meme Genius Wannabe's which said something about eating poop.*
blue4029 meh Red *
Soylent Jello corn dogs Purple *
Judgmental Dick get fucked Red Apart from removing comments, was Explosm's first official move against the Judgmentals.
Judgmental Bitch get fucked x2 Red This was JD's first supposed alt and got red-badged accordingly.
Gangrene c[_] Green To mimic the mug shown in Gangrene's avatar.
spofhdeifnb loves dave face Green Spofhdeifnb has been known to have expressed disdain at a drop of quality in the C&H comics. 'Dave face' is the famous style of face art used by Dave in some comics.
ThatGuyInTheGutter from the streets Blue Possibly just to continue TGITG's username into a longer phrase.
kaidkaid02 loves the jhole Light Blue *
Cyanide Overdose doggonaut Light Blue *
Functional200 Fastest Shitposter Blue Was given this badge after his time travel war with the user Hide TG his badge before this was no.
Lost but with a badge Purple Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17. Still lost, but at least he has a badge.
Unsolicited Opinion i would like a stinking badge Red Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17.
Agnostics Anonymous osmosis jones Red Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17.
Doge619 sexy tag Purple Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17. Specifically asked for "sexy tag".
Moonspeak sweetmeat Blue Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17.
Vegan smooches avocados Green Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17.
Killer Cheese roboqueef Purple Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17.
nullion slather me up Purple Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17.
CoolDog updog Purple *
Spider Snake man eater Purple Presumably in reference to the fact that a spider snake would eat people.*
Itsyaboy Red *
Trypophiliac the hero Light Blue Trypophiliac had been known by the C&H staff to have flagged a large amount of spambot posts, and even had his flagging rights removed briefly because of it.
Nicholaidus the Great who do i gotta suck? Blue *
Referent bad at sucking dick Green *
I am legion aires disease Blue Play on the last word of 'I am legion', which can be lengthened to 'legionnaires disease', a disease which doesn't usually develop symptoms, but can.
Blocks for days dragonome Green *
JackieChan aiya! Purple JackieChan begins most of his comments with 'Aiya!'.
JeOma spuuuuuuurt Purple Was given during the Great Badge Handout of '17.
SwallowingBees hero Blue *
YourOldGameboy pizza wench Light Blue *
Darkar #1 worshiper Blue In comic #4713, he said 'WORSHIP THE ALMIGHTY GODS OF CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS!!!'.
Mrfrogman99 local waifu Purple *
Jocular Artery muscleboy Purple *
Sad Stickman baby of the year Purple *
Brandon the Weeaboo prince of christmas Light Blue *
Big Tex flamin' Blue *
Overused Meme noob Purple *
Meme Genius Wannabe pooped out poop Blue Originally "ate poop" now "pooped out poop"*
PSES reborn o_x Purple The Purple-shirted Eye Stabber stabs people in one of their eyes, and 'o_x' is a text emoticon representing a face with one eye poked out.
lunarLegion longest badge name ever Light Blue *

Not the longest badge name ever, Rob D has that.

Just a Ghost fake account Red Ghosts aren't real, so this account must be fake.*
TheCurlygirl gatekeeper + keymaster Blue *
dillxox123 but what about smash mouth? Red *removed
dillxox123 the one and only blue awarded to the account dillxox123 after spamming the comments and claiming it wasn't him.
Purple-shirted eye stabber rub my tum tum Blue *
Noodle real af Purple Given after shitposters appeared copying Noodle's username with things like 'Nood|e' to distinguish them from the real Noodle.
Anti-Drug Bear d.a.r.e. certified Green D.A.R.E is a program designed to keep kids away from drugs, and most of Anti-Drug Bear's comments are advocating non-drug use.
Clorox Bleach dead meme Red *
Jeff the killer we own your soul Blue *
ASCII M4N ::--c===3 Red An ASCII version of a penis.
Soothsayer 5/5 Purple Soothsayer gave each comic a daily review and then a score out of five.
Dewott fuck boi Red *
RIPa858 low standards Red *
Cornflakes saint Green *
SansTheSuperior sweet beef sheets Red *
Zoingy jesusfan6969 Purple *
General Obvious good time party boy Green *
PinoBatch the badge you deserve Green Given after numerous campaigns, petitions and pushes to get PinoBatch a badge in recognition of his efforts to improve the comments section.
Shawnexplosm staff Black The only black badge, and the only second badge.
Shawnexplosm darkfartist Blue *
Sherlock Holmes got the sweet beef Purple


Sherlock Holmes Sour Grapes Red


Sherlock Holmes Salty Grapes Red

A user named "usernamesareoverrated" Said his badge should be "Sour Grapes." and his badge was changed. He responded later by saying the badge made no sense, and, if anything, "Salty" would be more apropriate. His badge was thus changed to "Salty Grapes."

The Derek badge Blue Because The Derek supposedly gives out badges.*
Rob D doesn't know how to use badges Blue *
Kris Wilson ˚ㄥ˚ Purple *
BrettExplosm i'm the badge maker now Green The newest mod is seemingly in charge of badges.

Itsyaboy's badge is a single space ( ), and is significantly smaller than other badges.

*See above the list